Economic and Flexible

Know-How for Large Scale Productions

Our full experience and extensive technical expertise for our customers:

Optimal cooperation between our individual departments, multiple versatile production options and flexibility at all points enable R. Mannhardt GmbH to fully meet our customers requirements.

On 7500 m² of production area, R. Mannhardt GmbH manufactures sheet metal components for renowned clients from various different industries. By increasing storage spaces, we are continuously increasing capacities.

The company offers two immersion bath facilities to clean components using ultrasonic technology. During this process, impurities are removed using a water-based cleaning medium. This technology is environmentally friendly as all the waste-water is reprocessed by means of our vacuum evaporator and thereby enters the cleaning cycle again (waste-water free).

Large Dimensions are our Strength:

Mannhardt GmbH thus offers for example an eccentric action stamping machine with a press capacity of 4000 kN and a table size of 3000 x 1300 cm.

If then connection and combination of several sheet metal components is desired, R. Mannhardt GmbH offers flexible complete solutions according to client requirements.

Toolmaking, Quality Control, Laboratory:

Beginning in the planning phases, our on-site toolmaking facilities offer precise costumisation possibilities for individual project requirements.

Our quality control ensures a consistent standard throughout serial production.

In our on-site technical cleanliness laboratory we provide analyses complying with VDA19.

We are happy to consult with you on suitable manufacturing processes and production capacities for your unique project.

R. Mannhardt GmbH
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